Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

2010 was a long year of changes in our lives, some good and others bad!

Ken had to work hard to keep the company going during hard times. I started out working for the school but ended up having a accident at work and had no other choice but to leave the job. I tried a new job working close to Ken at the office, which worked out good for a short time until our children and a few things got in the way. Ken and I decided it would be best if I stayed home and take care of what needed to be done at home. Money was tight but family comes first. William our oldest is loving life. He is 15 getting ready to turn 16. He attends Primivera High and is almost done with his sophomore year. He has a new hobby, collecting swords and knives. He is looking forward to taking fencing class this year. He was able to take a two week trip with his Grandma and Grandpa Bowlby to study Church history and spent time in Missouri with them. This year he will turn 16 and will be able drive. I'm scared about it but can't wait. Emily is growing up so fast. She is in 7th grade and attends Bogle Jr. High. She ran cross country and did a great job and sang in choir. She is 12 getting ready to turn 13 and in young women's and loves its. Her favorite things to do are babysitting, talking on the phone, Internet, and her new thing is her itouch. Harrison our youngest is having lots of fun turning into a preteen. He is getting ready to turn 12 this year and will be in the young men's program at Church. He is really into long boarding and video games. He is looking forward to graduation from elementary school and be part of the Junior High world.

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monika said...

Wow!! Your kids are so grown up! Congrats to you and Ken, Keri. I'm so happy you have such a great family. I know you have fun together, it's written on your faces that you love one another.