Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 2011 Move

I guess it was time for us to move again. We got the news a few months back and was not looking forward to it. Our Bank that owned our Rental decided it was time for a change. We had to choose increase our rent or move. At that time Ken and I were going threw a hard time with money. We knew we could not buy or increase rent. I was so depressed and so was Ken. We only had a few weeks to find a home and we needed to be out by Dec. 1. I prayed and prayed I would find something in our price range and be able to move right away and stay close to Kens office and have friends for the children. I only found two homes one in Chandler and one in Gilbert that fit our needs. the rest were far away. I went to the Chandler home it was OK it fit our needs but I was not feeling this was the right home. I went to the Gilbert home. Could not believe it. It was like it was calling to me its your home. Not sure what to do I called Ken and he said try for both homes. Rentals our had to find right now with the housing market the way it is. I filled out the papers put the deposits on the homes, knowing I could loose the money. I was sad to find outs both home were under contacts. I was really worried still no home and we only had a few weeks. So I went looking again. Surprise I got a call about the Gilbert home. We were told we could have the home but no pets. I was sad for Emily she is a pet lover but as a family we knew we need a home to move into and our pets would find loving homes. We made the move very quickly.
Since it was so close to Dec and we use up all of our fund to get the home, we decided as a family Christmas would wait this year due to our money problems. Our children were so understanding. We choose not to say anything. So the last week in Nov. we took the children to YMs and YWs for there last time in the Ward and Ken and I went to tithing and to let the Bishop in on the News. It was a sad time to say goodbye to a great Bishop. He was so understanding and he took good care of us. He was so loving and understanding he wanted to make sure Christmas would happen for the children. Christmas came and went and it was one of the best Christmas we have had as a family. We were blessed. After New Years as a family we went to our new Ward and the rest of my prays were answered. There was so many youth in this Ward and it didn't take long for our kids to make friends.
Ken and I did not want to make this move but it was met to be. My prays were answered, and we have been so blessed. The children have been so much happier and we have grown closer as a family.