Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frabic Memo Board

OK so Jan. 19 which was a Wednesday. I got really board and decided to go to Hobby Lobby. I can spend hours in this store. But only had 30min. left before I had to pick up my son. So I moved quickly. First I stopped at the Cricut row and bought some more stuff for that. Then I moved very fast to the fabric section walk around and around found this cool looking fabric and of course I love pink so I had to get it knowing full well that I had no place in my home for a fabric photo board that is pink. So thinking Emily would like it I bought it and all the stuff to make the board for her. I picked up William, headed home and begun my project which turned out cute. Was so excited to show it off to the family. They loved it! Emily said mom why don't you try to sell it and see if you can make some money, Ken said the same thing. So why not, I already have a account and all my other product sold quickly why not try it. So I listed it and now I'm just waiting to see if it will sell. Maybe this may turn out to be one of my new hobbies.

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